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Nepal Health Conclave 2021

Nepal Health Conclave (NHC) is designed as an interactive event to bring together the most eminent minds among different stakeholders directly or indirectly associated with the health sector of Nepal, to discuss challenges faced, emerging opportunities, and the way forward for strengthening the health system of Nepal. This campaign will also aid in identifying gaps between the health plans/policies within the national context and explore progress made so far. Alongside, a high-quality discourse and interaction would also shift the perspective of the common people, sensitize stakeholders, and help us to attain the targets of the sustainable development goals.

The theme for ‘Nepal Health Conclave 2021’ will be “Aarogyada : Living Healthier Together” as every citizen has right to live healthier, longer, better and happy lives. For that purpose, we need to better understand the lifestyle, behavior and health related practices of every person, their actions/efforts to make positive differences from individual level to national level in existing health plans/policies and various cross-cutting issues. With the commitment of making healthy Nepal in regards to different aspects of health and other related sectors, this platform will help to put forward people’s ideas, better insights and contribute to shift health related plans and schemes. The event will bring together experts from various sectors inclusively along with youth who can bring out proactive scheme to achieve our theme and foster a safe, happy, and healthy nation for years to come.