Set 2 : Panel Discussion Sessions

“Seeking Answers to Important Healthcare Possibilities”

THEME 1 : Healthcare; Business or Service?

  • Despite many investors investing with the motto to deliver service in health care along with large annual investments on the part of the government, service standards are not up to the mark.
  • Out of pocket expenditures are still the modality of seeking health care services for the consumers in many private investments . Gauging the reality of the scenario is essential.
  • Seeking breakthrough ideas such that even with minimum pay on consumers end, by attracting & realizing other investment mechanisms, private healthcare investments could also be made more safe and secure with the end-goal of making health care cheap or even free from the consumer end by the end of 2030.
THEME 2 : Health Insurance Program: Challenges and Opportunities
Addressing the challenges and opportunities in health insurance is imperative for creating a more inclusive healthcare system. This panel aims to dissect the complexities of insurance programs, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for all citizens. With representatives from the insurance industry, government, and healthcare providers, this discussion will facilitate a holistic understanding of the current landscape, driving towards actionable strategies for improvement. With the NHIP rolled out to all 77 districts , there are many more questions that need adressal.
  • Are the insurance packages used just as look-good marketing tool or are they really benefiting the needy?
  • ‘How do we find solutions to the complex disbursement patterns so that the seeking of health care insurance becomes easy & accessible ?
  • What are the existing insurance policies for clients and what can we do best for its simplification to ensure easy translation to action ?
  • To answer the age old question : Are health care insurance programs: “ Business or Service ?”
THEME 3  : Medical & Technology Tourism: A Possibility
The potential of medical and technology tourism presents a significant opportunity for both the healthcare sector and the economy at large. By engaging industry leaders, tourism and technology experts, and healthcare providers, this discussion will generate innovative ideas and collaborations that can position Nepal as a hub for medical and technological advancements in healthcare.
  • Tech industry in the country requires an upgrade as latest technologies used in diagnosis and treatment if introduced, can serve as a chance of attracting foreign patients seeking quality of care at a lower cost .
  • Medical Education with Strong teaching pedagogical structures can attract international students towards study of Medicine in Nepal at a lower cost
  • Digital platforms and tools can serve as wonderful leverage for strengthening supply chain of our medicinal products including Ayurvedic herbs to ensure Nepal’s presence in the global map in terms of alternative medicine
  • Attracting investments in Healthcare Technology with Nepal having a cheaper human resources working in the field of technology.
THEME 4   : Combating Greater Health Challenges like Cancer
Addressing major health challenges like cancer requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. This panel brings together leaders, experts, and policymakers to strategize on comprehensive approaches to combatting such critical health issues. Through this discussion, we aim to drive forward initiatives and policies that enhance cancer care, research, and prevention, thereby significantly impacting public health outcomes.
  • Collaboration between public and private healthcare sectors is essential for comprehensive cancer care. There is a need for stronger partnerships to optimize resources and improve overall patient outcomes.
  • The development of innovative health insurance policies that comprehensively cover cancer treatment, reducing the financial burden on patients and increasing overall accessibility is needed .
  • Cancer awareness among the public is another important area of intervention to promote early detection. Like other low-and middle-income countries, most cancer diagnoses are made when the disease is advanced
  • There is a need for advancements in cancer research to develop innovative treatments, therapies, and diagnostic tools tailored to the specific needs of the Nepalese population.
THEME 5  : Strengthening the Healthcare System from Roots

A robust healthcare system starts with a strong foundation. This panel focuses on policy-making, administration, and
public health expertise to discuss strategies for fortifying Nepal’s healthcare system in its existing decentralized
structure. By involving key decision-makers, administrators, and public health experts, this discussion aims to
formulate actionable steps that can lead to enduring improvements in healthcare delivery and outcomes in the
existing Federal administrative structure.

  • How can we improve access to basic healthcare services in remote areas of Nepal, ensuring that all citizens have timely
    and equitable access to essential medical care?
  • Identifying the possibilities of local horticulture practices in the roots that is used for medicinal benefits since ages, efforts
    of local government in identifying the possibilities of uses in producing modern medicines which can open the door to
    connect the locals to globals
  • Given the potential challenges posed by infectious diseases & frequent natural disasters, how can Nepal strengthen its
    preparedness and response mechanism so that the nation’s health care system won’t fall back from existing service
    deliverables and should not laid back to achieve already underlined goals.
  • How can Nepal address the challenge of the inequitable distribution of healthcare professionals across regions to ensure
    that all communities, including those in rural and remote areas, have access to a well-distributed and skilled healthcare
  • How can Nepal implement effective measures to prevent and address instances of violence against healthcare
    professionals, ensuring a safe and secure working environment that promotes the well-being of those dedicated to patient