" मलाई विश्वास छ, सम्मेलन पश्चात , सम्मेलनले गरेका निर्णय नीतिगत रुपले सरकारलाई सहयोग गर्नेछ , र सरकारले ती सबै सकारात्मक निर्णयहरूलाई सहजता स्वीकार गर्नेछ l"

Honorable Hridayesh Tripathi

Former Minister of Health And Population

" Events like this are critical opportunities to revisit our prior successes, to reevaluate where we're coming up short, and to re-energize ourselves to meet common challenges. "

Honorable Randy William Berry

Former Ambassador of United State of America to Nepal

"We would like to work towards a world where each child has an equal chance at the beginning of life"

Dr. Anshu Banerjee

Director for the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Ageing at the World Health Organization (WHO)

"The impact is of course when government and communities work together in coordinated approach, this will involve strengthening governance and policies to make choices accessible and affordable to all."

Dr. Rajesh Sambhajirao Pandav

WHO representative to Nepal

"We will come annually ,poke weekly until we see life flourish without worrying about

Mr. Bishal Ghosh

MD / Business Director - NHC



Successfully Conducted
Nepal Health Conclave : 1.0

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Nepal Health Conclave : 2.0
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Nepal Health Conclave

With the commitment of making healthy Nepal in regards to different aspects of health and other related sectors, Nepal Health Conclave (NHC) is designed as an interactive event to bring together the most eminent minds among different stakeholders directly or indirectly associated with the HealthCare sector of Nepal, to discuss challenges faced, emerging opportunities, and the way forward for strengthening the health system of Nepal primarly for fueling healthy dialogues & fruitful collaboration between Major Healthcare Stakeholders of Nepal to pave a way for healthier Nepal.

Excellence Achivement

NHC 2021 was a result of priority and urgency felt for a forum to cater to questions of “What ?”and “How?” the healthcare of Nepal will be in mobility after the COVID-19 pandemic also attempting to seek answer as to how will the country pace towards the pre- committed goals. While delving into these questions and trying to seek answers via engagement, collaboration, networking and open dialogues, we were able to get connect to : NHC 1.0
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The development of any sector is hindered without collaborative efforts; therefore, every stakeholders should unite to strengthen the system and contribute to a healthier Nepal. Come, Join us in finding collaborative answers to important healthcare possibilities at the Conclave.
Nepal Health Conclave


Analysing global lessons post-pandemic, we’ve identified key areas for Nepal to align with global healthcare practices. The Nepal Health Conclave (NHC) provides a platform to address government issues, ensuring accountability through dialogue among key health stakeholders, emphasizing the pandemic-highlighted need for regulatory system flexibility. This season, NHC 2.0 tries to explore this necessity.

Day 1 : Presentation Sessions

"Healthcare Horizons: Navigating the Present, Charting the Future with Agencies" with elucidated presentations

Day 2 : Panel Discussion Sessions

“Healthcare Perspectives: Seeking Answers to Important Healthcare Possibilities” via panel discussions

What Are We Upto?

Moderators, Keynote Speakers & Panelists

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Nepal Health Conclave 1.0 - 2021

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