About Us

Nepal Health Conclave is the event organized to discuss various systematic and non-systematic pressing health issues of Nepal. For this year, “SAPTAHA AAJIWAN” will be the host of this event.


Organize a health discourse in presence of high-level experts and decision-makers to address various pressing issues of Nepal’s healthcare system and identify potential opportunities.

Specific Objectives
  • To discuss and dissect Nepal’s health care system.
  • To review current health policies, and discuss how they can be re-designed through capacity and context analysis.
  • To discuss issues and the challenges faced by Nepal during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To formulate policy recommendations among different stakeholders.

“SAPTAHA AAJIWAN” means life-changing week. It is a community outreach campaign designed and initiated by a group of USYC fellows 2019/21 as a part of Civic Engagement Project (CEP). The campaign emphasizes addressing healthcare issues affecting remote communities through policy advocacy and policy discussion. It supports and advocates transparency regarding major health issues in Nepal, as well as healthcare-related plans, policies, and programs that contribute to increase awareness and improve the health status of communities, beginning at the grass roots level. This campaign also aims to provide a holistic discussion on pressing health issues on some communicable/non-communicable diseases. Likewise, we strive to promote dialogue by exploring social norms that influence people’s behaviors towards seeking timely medical attention.